Scott M Nelson protecting your interests


Testimonal from R. K.

" Real Estate attorneys are seemingly a dime a dozen, if you are looking for one that knows the laws and has seen just about everything that can come up Scott is a great choice. I recently had a home sale with an extremely tough buyer, and a set of brokers that only had dollar signs in their eyes. Scott's advice and guidance saved me countless headaches, time and money. His intimate knowledge of the law and his instincts of where the next pitfall would come from were all spot on. Responsive, straight forward and a complete professional at a cost well worth every dollar. I work in an industry that lives on reputation, surveys and reviews and know the value of a resource that is truly worthy of an honest recommendation. On a scale of 1-5, Scott deserves an 8 for his instrumental work on my Real Estate Transaction."

Testimonal from Cathy C.

" Scott has been my lawyer for many years and through many phases of my life, he has handled my Will, Power of Attorney and Real Estate Transactions. Not only is Scott a knowledgeable Attorney, he is compassionate and an advocate for his clients. Scott has been a trusted adviser to me through some very difficult times. I highly recommend Scott!"

Testimonal from E. C.

" Out of all the business relationships I've had over the years and careers, the one that I value the most is my connection to Scott Nelson. In addition to his profound and razor sharp knowledge of the various aspects of the Law, his concise and direct advice has always been valued and appreciated by me and all the clients that I've sent to him. Friends and family have always come away with one truly amazing fact: Scott Nelson's honesty and transparency are what set him apart from the rest. He advises and counsels clients as if they were family, and this is indeed a rare attribute. He is professional, talented, dedicated and driven. But most of all, he is a man you can trust."

Testimonal from C. W.

" ...I needed an attorney and Scott M. Nelson represented me during my divorce. He was a voice of reason during a turbulent time in my life. He is a good reader of people, and was able to see through the chaos, taking the emotional aspect of divorce out of the equation. He had my back. He was fair and honest, giving sound advice. Scott asked me if I had a 5 year plan... when I was only focused on getting through the next 6 months. It prompted me to return to college and get my RN degree. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone in need of an attorney."

Testimonal from Donna J.

"I want to express our gratitude to Scott for our recent real estate transaction. Like in the past, Scott was professional and accessible. This being a short sale, riddled with uncertainties, Scott's preparedness, calm and professional demeanor and proactive approach was paramount in helping a stressful process go through without a hitch."

Testimonal from Chris L.

"As I was facing an impending divorce, I needed some advice and seeing as I knew Scott was an attorney, I felt comfortable asking him about … representing me. I explained to him that I did not have an endless bank account and exhorbitant legal fees were a source of worry for me. Scott indicated that he would try to keep things as cost effective as possible. He did keep the costs down which helped to make the stressful and often long, drawn out process of divorce more affordable. He was able to give me sound advice and through the whole ordeal had my best interest at heart. If anyone is in need of a very good attorney in their corner, Scott Nelson would be someone they should call."

Testimonal from Sean M.

"Regarding our estate plan, Scott was able to answer questions honestly and factually, pointing out our options and helped us to make informed decisions that were in our best interest."

Testimonal from Luisa B.

" My father-in-law died without leaving a will, and my family witnessed the disastrous effects. That's when we approached Scott Nelson to have our own wills drawn up. We quickly found that Mr. Nelson could provide us with the professional expertise that would not be questioned ensuring that our children will never endure the anguish and expense that we experienced. Rather than stumbling through a website or some software, we received sound advice personalized to our needs. Mr. Nelson responded to our intial contact promptly, answered our questions and allowed us to stay within our budget. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal services."

Testimonal from L.J.

" I highly recommend Scott Nelson to anyone in need of an attorney, because he was very knowledgeable, competent, and efficient in helping me to sell my house. He gave me suggestions about preparing my home fore sale, setting price, and filling out the necessary legal documents.

His caring, professionalism, and reassurance helped me to relax and ask questions. I was able to let him handle all aspects of my closing, during a stressful, taxing and difficult time. I feel I couldn't have gotten through it without his reassuring help and encouragement.

I recommend Scott Nelson enthusiastically and without reservation. He not only met; but exceeeded my expectations."

Testimonal from Annette N.

" I have worked with Scott for over 10 years. He has handled several real estate transactions for me as well as prepared a will for my husband and I. Scott has a warm and inviting personality which makes it very easy to do business with him. His knowledge and skill in legal matters is always above the mark. He caught an error in the legal description of our property at the closing of our house purchase when the title company and our mortgage lender missed it. This would have been a disaster for us later on if he hadn't had them fix it then and there. I would highly recommend his services. "

Respect of the client, honesty and

"Scott caught an error in the legal description of our property... This would have been a disaster for us later" – Annette N.

"Rather than stumbling through a website or some software, we received sound advice personalized to our needs" - Luisa B